Equipped with modern medical technologies, the Urology Department of the Medistate Hospital Istanbul performs diagnosis and medical and surgical treatments of diseases in kidney, ureter, bladder, prostate, testes and penis as well as pediatric urologic diseases and female urinary system diseases, male sexual dysfunctions and male infertility.

In comparison with the conventional methods, the prostate cancer, renal cancer, bladder cancer are more successfully treated and other urological operations are more successfully performed with the Da Vinci Robot, which is introduced to the use by modern medicine.

Minimally invasive methods are performed, which cause the least possible damage on integrity of the patient's body and minimize hospitalization period. The operation field is performed without incision and it is magnified in 10 - 20 times than normal vision using endoscopy,Laparoscopy and Da Vinci Robot methods. Success of the operation increases, loss of blood decreases and the time to return to the active Life shortens. The operation can be accurately and delicately performed with micro surgical methods, which are performed using operation microscope.

The Urology Department of the Medistate Hospital Istanbul is one of rare certers, which uses the HIFU method in cases with prostate cancer. Operations can be performed with endoscopic means using rigid and fLexible ureteroscopy methods in renal and urethral calculi. Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy can be also performed in renal calculi (stones).

In Benign Prostate Hypertrophies, laser procedures such as TUR-P, TUR with Plasmakinetic and Greenlight PVP are successfuLly performed, while urodynamıcs and uroflowmetry are studies in the department.

In addition, neonatal circumcision is recommended and successfully performed by Urology Department.