Plastic comes from Greek word "plasticos" which means "to shape", " to fit in to a pattern". Reconstructive word has a Latin origin and it means "to make again". Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery takes care of all kinds of surgical problems occur in the entire body surface. Occurrences deforming shape and functions of the body may be congenital, traumatic or acquired. Most of the surgical methods used in Plastic Surgery are about repairing missing tissues formed by a trauma or removal of cancer tissue. These repairs are usually done by using the patient`s own tissues. Rarely some artificial materials are used together with his/her own tissues.

Aesthetic (or cosmetic) surgery works on operations and interferences performed to ensure that the body image becomes more beautiful and perfect. Plastic Surgery do not only work to beautify physical look but also to restore the functions. This can be a nose deformity, extremely large or small breasts, removal of aging lines in the face, eliminating under eye bags or a surgical interference to remove excess fat or to repair extreme prolapse in the stomach.

Our applications in our Plastic Surgery department;

  • Aesthetic Surgery
  • Breast enlargement
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast mastopexy
  • Face lifting, regeneration
  • Eye lid aesthetic (Blepharoplasty)
  • Aesthetic and functional nose repair (Rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty)
  • Repair of prominent ear and other aesthetic problems in ear lap
  • Chin enlargement or reduction (Mentoplasty)
  • Removal of scars or other aesthetic problems in the skin
  • Hair plantation with FUE technique
  • Operations directed to reducing excess subdermal fat tissue (liposuction - lipectomy)
  • Stomach lifting (Abdominoplasty)
  • Application of botox and filling material
  • Thigh lifting

Our applications in our Reconstructive Surgery department;

  • Cleft lift-palate
  • Missing ear lap, prominent ear and other shape deformations
  • Skin and soft tissue tumors
  • Congenital tumor, nevus, masses, vessel malformations, hemangiomas
  • Bone and soft tissue traumas of the face
  • Maxillofacial surgery (Bone defects-fractures-shape and function deformations caused by traffic accidents, tumors or other reasons, chin surgery)
  • Head-neck tumors and repairs of their defects
  • Missing or asymmetric breasts or excess breast tissue
  • Gynecomasty (Large breasts in men)
  • Congenital anomalies of genital organs (Epispadias, hypospadias, vaginal agenesia, etc.)
  • Hand Surgery (Congenital anomalies such as attached fingers, traumas, tumors, replantation of ruptured organs, etc.)
  • Peripheral nerve problems (traumas, neuropathies, defects, masses)
  • Acute burns and deformations after burns, spasms, contractions, damages on soft tissues caused by electrical or chemical materials
  • Dermal and subdermal wounds caused by various infections, radiation and other effects, chronic wounds (pressure sores, venous wounds, diabetic feet wounds, etc.)