It is known that obesity and its related diseases represent one of thegreatest health problems impacting developed countries as a result of Westernised eating habits, which decreases the quality of life, leads to reduced efficiency and ability to work and also results in higher health costs.
Patients who receive obesity surgery can expect to properly lose weight in a healthy way, control related diseases or minimise the symptoms.
The main objective of obesity surgery for both the bariatric team and the patient is not to lose weight in a small time period, but to lose weight over a long period of time while making sure that it is sustainable.
This is why the Near East University Hospital Centre of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery, Endocrinology, Psychiatry as well as the Centre of Nutrition and Dietetics are providing high quality professional health services to patients.
The first examination and briefing in the General Surgery department, which is connected to the Obesity Centre, is free.
Criteria for Obesity Surgery
• Having a Body Mass Index of 40 or above
• Having a Body Mass Index of 35 or above but accompanied by other chronic diseases
• Battling obesity for more than 5 years
• Not being able to lose enough weight despite following a diet and taking medicine
• Not having any other hormonal problems
• Not having alcohol and substance addiction
• Coordinating with the obesity team before and after the surgery