Thanks to its expert staff that are formed by Private Heart & Aritmi Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery Department Faculty Members, it is one of the limited clinics that operates heart surgeries for the children in Turkey.

All kinds of heart surgeries including newborn surgeries may be done in our Cardiovascular Surgery Department. All kinds of cardiac valve (conduit) surgeries may be successfully done in newborn and children heart surgeries.

Our patients are hospitalized 1 day before the surgery and they are discharged approximately within 7-10 days. After the surgery, the patients are generally kept in the KVC intensive care unit for 24-48 hours and then they are followed in the KVC service.

Cardiac valve and heart orifice surgeries are done at the patients of appropriate ages through small incision (4-5 cm) and minimal invasive methods.

·         Closing the orifices at the heart (through both catheter and open-heart surgery)

·         Stenosis at the heart, the vasoconstrictions at the cardiac veins and replase surgeries of these

·         Repair and replacement surgeries of the cardiac valves

·         Conduit (lidded vein) changes

·         Removing heart tumors

·         Placing pacemakers surgically

·         All kinds of fontan type surgeries (single ventricle type surgeries)

·         Newborn emergency case surgeries

·         Struggle with high lung pressure and application of auxiliary circulation systems (ECMO)