At the Private Aritmi Osmangazi Hospital in the Department of Dermatology, dermatological Examination, follow-up and treatment have been performed.

In the Department of Dermatology (Skin Diseases) skin, hair, nail diseases, sores in the mouth and on the genital area and changes in the skin, allergic diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and cosmetic problems are evaluated through dermatological examination and technological methods.

To make diagnosis of some skin diseases, getting tissue from the skin with punch biopsy may be required. Radiosurgery, skin processes called as papilloma, verrucas are able to be received with radiosurgery, cautery unit and in some of the problems in verruca and skin, cryotherapy (freezing treatment) is utilized.

In cosmetic problems, skin care, Botox, fillers, peeling and mesoderm treatment applications are carried out. For treatment of acne, acne scars, age spots and pregnancy spots, chemical peeling process is performed. Botox injection is made for excessive sweating of axillas, hands and feet.

In our department, diagnostic skin patch test (true test), prick test is performed in allergic skin diseases.

In evaluation and follow-up of beauty spots on skin, skin cancers (malign melanoma), computerized dermatoscopy device is utilized. As a result of this examination, follow-up appointments are given by determining follow-up of beauty spots and beauty spots, whose removal is considered appropriate, are removed with surgical operations in accordance with appropriate methods.

In department of dermatology at our hospital, Puva Therapy, Laser epilation, varicose vein treatment (laser), Hemangioma, telangiectasia treatment, Stain Treatment, Skin Care, Skin Biopsies, nevus (beauty spot) analysis (computerized dermatoscopy), cauterization (burning treatment), cryotherapy (freezing treatment), skin allergy testing, chemical peeling (stain-acne treatment), fillers, Botox application, nail extraction operations are applied.