We perform the procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of all diseases related to cardiovascular diseases in the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery.

These diseases include heart diseases (coronary bypass, cardiac valve repair and replacement), vascular diseases (endovascular interventions, vascular occlusion, vascular dilatation, varicose veins) and congenital heart diseases (heart puncture, improper vascular development). We perform all kinds of cardiovascular surgery operations successfully in our department. Latest technology products are used in our operations. Patients are regularly monitored from bed-side monitors and our experienced staff take immediate action in case of sudden change in the status of patients in our modern intensive care units.

The following applications are performed in the department;
Coronary artery bypass grafting (beating-heart and classical open heart technique)
Procedures for heart valve operation (valve replacement and repair)
Operations for congenital heart disease
Procedures for aortic disease operation (Evar and open surgical procedures)
Procedures for obstructive vascular diseases
Operational procedures for varicose veins (Seps, endolaser, exolaser, sclerotherapy, open surgery)