It is a corneal dystrophy, in which cornea progressively becoems cone shaped and thinner.


Signs and Symptoms:

  • Contuniously changning and increasing spectacle diopter
  • In spite of spectacle or contact lens usage, patient's vision is not within normal range
  • Contuniously itching the eye


In which period, Keratoconus is encountered?

Keratoconus generally starts in the first decade. However many patients come to hospital in the second decade.


What is the treatmant for Keratoconus?

In progressive Keratoconus, corneal cross linkage therapy is very effective. After removal of the corneal epithelium, vitamin riboflavin is applied to stroma and then UVA light is applied to cornea for half an hour so that the corneal collagen fibrils bond are strengthened and this procedure inhibits the progression of Keratoconus.

In our centre, we perform corneal cross linkage therapy with advanced techknology provided by Avedro device and it takes only 15 minutes.