1.Audio Audiometry: Test to determine hearing loss (hearing rate).

2. Tympanometry: involving middle ear pressure and ossicular movements.

3. Children's Audiometer: It can be called a game audiometer, usually a test hearing of children aged 2.5-6.

4. Audiometer application control: Appropriate for the hearing device users

5.Auto Acoustic Emission: Newborn hearing test.

6.Tabr: It is for babies who cannot pass the newborn hearing test or risky births, for births below 36 weeks, for example 35-36 or low weight births under 1500gr.

7. Clinical ABR (Bera): A detailed test that evaluates auditory pathways.

8. Caloric + VGN Package: For the patient who has dizziness, balance problem

9. Conversation Therapy: For Stuttering, articulation disorder (can not say certain letters). The session time is about 30-60 minutes.

10. Psychotherapy: treatment of sound disorders. The session time is about 30-60 minutes.