Our Cardiology Department provides service with its 24 hour emergency service, coronary intensive care unit and bedded services. In our cardiology department, all beds have being observed with the central monitoring system.

 Substructure and Equipment

• 8 bed coronary intensive care unit

• 2 Electrocardiography devices

• 2 Echocardiography devices

• 1 Multi plane trans oesophageal echocardiography  devices

• 1 Effort test

• 5 ambulatory blood pressure miniaturization devices

• 5 ambulatory rhythm miniaturization devices

 Diagnostic and Treatment of Diseases

• Follow-up and treatment of patients who need emergency interventions due to cardiovascular diseases in the coronary intensive care unit have being performed (heart attack, cardiac blocks, rhythm defects which are life-threatening, serious valve diseases.

• All kinds of emergency processes, including the placement of temporary cardiac pacemakers, heart lung catheters can be performed for 24 hours.

• Besides the daily and routine catheter laboratory applications, functions for 24 hours have being provided service, especially for patients admitted under emergency cases and having a heart attack.

• In our unit, balloon angioplasty and stent application to coronary arteries have being performed.

• Heart holes from birth have being closed with percutan method, without the need for an open surgery.

• Mitral Valvuloplasty

• Diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmia

• Permanent Pace-Maker Treatment

• EECP treatment

• Hemofiltration Application