In our department, medical and surgical treatment of otorhinolaryngological diseases has being performed.

Infrastructure and Equipment

In the Audiology Department, there are devices which perform auto-acoustic emission tests, audio logical tests, middle ear pressure and reflex tests.

Diagnostic and Treatment of Diseases

• Inner nose crookedness, tonsils, adenoid, endoscopic sinus surgeries have being successfully performed.

• Balloon application within the sinuses, advanced endoscopic surgeries, tympanum restoration, application of ventilation tube, hearing losses, ossicle chain defects – calcification and otitis surgeries, vocal diseases surgical interventions and rhinoplasty surgeries.

• Surgical treatment of larengeal neo-plasmas, neck dissections, parotis and other salivary gland surgeries.

• Laser assisted surgical applications, radio-frequency applications, medical and surgical treatment of Meniere disease have being performed.

• Our department has a suitable substructure for cochlear implant applications.

Service Areas

Sleep Disorders Unit