In our department, besides all general surgery cases, diagnosis and treatment of cancer surgery, endocrine surgery and anorectal surgery areas have being performed successfully.

 Infrastructure and Equipment

• Laparoscopy equipments

• Harmonic Laser



• Lower and upper gastrointestinal endoscopies

• Side vision endoscope for ERCP

• Ultrasonography devices

Surgery – Process and Interventions

Within the scope of our clinic, non-invasive interventions, such as PTNSE and FEMISCAN especially in the surgical treatment of anal incontinence and anorectal diseases have being performed successfully.

 Service Areas

• Colorectal cancer surgery

• Laparoscopic surgery

• Haemorrhoid surgery

• Robotic surgery

 Units and Sub-units

5 surgery rooms and an intensive care unit to provide the required support after important surgical interventions equipped with the latest technological devices have been put into service in the general surgery clinic. The surgery rooms are equipped with Storz devices, which allow for all kinds of endoscopic applications to be performed. The endoscopic applications required for the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal system diseases have being performed by 2 endoscopy devices and 1 ERCP device located in the advanced diagnosis centre (GI Centre) within the body of our hospital.