Our Nutrition and Diet Department, whose purpose is creating healthy eating awareness and thus increasing life quality with making programs the diet treatment of the patients who receive ambulatory and inpatient treatment, gives diet services by supporting the recovery period of the patients

In our Diet Polyclinic, basal metabolism rate, body fat, muscle and water rates have being observed with using the “Body Components Evaluation” technique to lose the weight. After this technique, a diet training and personalized nutrition education have being advised.

In our Diet Polyclinic,

Individual training has being given and observed as follows:

• The diet of Pregnancy and Nursing period

• Child-teenager nutrition

• Sportsman nutrition

• Nutrition in cancer

• Old age nutrition

• Diabetes

• Cardiovascular diseases

• Hypertension

• Kidney diseases

• Osteoporosis

• Gastro-intestinal system diseases

• Enteral and parenteral nutrition

Infrastructure and equipment

• Javon lOl Body Analysis Device

• Tanita Measure the lenght