Infrastructure and Equipment

    Pachymetry, Corneal Topography, Heidelberg Retinal Tomography (HRT)
    Static Vessel Analysis, Dynamic Vessel Analysis, A-scan ultrasonography (Immersion)
    Ultrasound Scan AB, Hess Screen, computerized visual field
    OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), FFA (Fundus Fluorescein Angiography)
    Argon Laser, YAG Laser, SLT Laser (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty)
    Contact Lens Practice Sets, Plus Optix (Paediatric Refraction Unit)
    Prisms (for examination of strabismus), stereopsis tests, exophthalmometry


    Anterior Segment Unit
    Glaucoma Unit
    Retina Unit
    Ophthalmologic-paediatric and oculoplasty Unit
 Service Areas
    Premium lenses, cataract surgery using
    Toric lenses for astigmatism applications
    Multifocal intraocular lens applications
    Presentation of laser treatment of patients with glaucoma and seton implants.
    All kinds of contact lenses.
    Yellow spot disease diagnosis and treatment facilities
    Pediatric cataract surgery
Surgery - Process and Initiatives

    The lid chalazion cyst surgery, tumor surgery Cover
    Entropion surgery, surgery Ektropiyum
    Covers application of cryo, Tarsorafi, Blefarorafi
    Concretion curettage, pterygium surgery, enucleation
    Conjunctiva tumor removal, conjunctival plastic
    To cover the conjunctiva, corneal foreign body removal
    Corneal debridement, corneal incision is sutured
    Anterior chamber puncture-lavage, limbal autograft Keratoplasty
    Astigmatic keratotomy, Pediatric cataract surgery
    By the method of introduction of phaco cataract surgery and intraocular lens
    Introduction of secondary intraocular lens, intraocular lens removal
    Pupilloplasti, Sineşiotomi, laser capsulotomy
    Laser sineşiotomi, introduction of capsular tension ring
    Peripheral iridectomy, trabeculectomy, laser trabeculoplasty
    Laser iridotomy, Seton surgery, bleb revision Ankiste
    Strabismus surgery, nasolacrimal duct sondalaması
    Sac phlegmon, drainage, external dacryocystorhinostomy
    Argon laser photocoagulation of retinal, Retinal Detachment Surgery
    Anterior vitrectomy, Disruption, Mobile implant
    Iridodialysis correction Pupilloplasti, Eye trauma surgery
    Photodynamic therapy for macular degeneration
    Intravitreal injections for macular degeneration