Pediatric Endocrinology treats children and adolescent hormon related diseases. In Koru Hospital Pediatric Endocrinology department, all of the hormon related disorders( short stature, early or late puberty, mensturation disorders, diabetes, hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar level), obesity, excessive hair growth, thyroid diseases, calcium and bone metobolism disorders, hypophysis and adrenal diseases) are diognosed, treated and followed up.

Children unlike adults, are in continuosly growth and development stage. Therefor any hormon related disorders can cause life threatening issues or irremediable mental deficiency, growth and development deficiency, gender ambiguity and deformity. Hormon secreting disorders can be congenital and also can come out following years. Fast social alteration in behalf of modernization, changed nutrition habits and all of the environmental factors are causing hormon secret disorders and dieases related to pediatric endocrinology has altered various amounts in recent years.

Consuming addictive foods, beverages (chocolates, chips, coke etc.) and inactivity leads to obesity and type 2 diabetes in early ages. World Health Organization, describe this obesity increase as “obesity epidemic”. On the other hand, roid foods, take-home foods, toys, shampoos, cleansing, and all other cheamical containing substances acts like hormons in our body and affects our endocrine system whic are called “endocrine destructives”. Endocrine destructives are like “jammers” and breaks our endocrine system signals which destructs our hormon’s positive effects. According to those problems, growth deficiencies, obesity, diabetes, cognitive function disorders, hyperactivity and other endocrine diseases rise.

Pediatric Endocrinology Treatments in Koru Hospital


Growth Deficiencies

Short Stature

Thyroid Gland Diseases

Early /Late Puberty

Mensturation Disorders

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Vitamin D, Calcium and phosphore metobolism disorders

Excessive Hair Growth

Hypophysis and Adrenal Diseases

Sex Development Disorders