The pediatric neurology is the medical branch concentrating on the brain and nerve diseases faced in childhood era. A medical doctor may become a pediatric neurologist only after becoming a child health and diseases specialist in the first place. Since our brain demonstrates the fastest development process in the childhood era, certain findings and neurological conditions that may arise through the same then significantly differs from the findings and neurological conditions faced by the adults.

The main patient groups under the coverage of pediatric neurology branch: 
Electroencephalography (EEG) 
Convulsion like conditions (fainting, breath holding spell etc.) 

Convulsion with fever 
Movement disorders  (abnormal movements, tics etc.) 

Development deficiencies (delayed or deteriorated walking, speaking etc.) 
Mental deficiency and reasons of the same 
Autism causes 

Monitoring of risky babies (premature and/or babies facing problems during birth) 
Cerebral palsy 
Muscle diseases
Permanent strength disorders (weak baby etc.) 
Suddenly arising strength disorders (stroke etc.) 
Peripheral nerveous system disorders (neuropathy etc.) 

Brain development anomalities 

Conditions causing brain damage after a while (wihte matter diseases, metabolic diseases, brain involvement, neuodegenerative diseases etc.) 
Neurocutanosis diseases (diseases together with brain and skin symptoms) 
Neurologic involvement of genetic diseases 
Following the examination and consultation by the pediatric neurology department of our hospital; EEG (sleep or awake), MRG, antiseptic medicine levels, metabolic checks and genetic tests may be requested from the laboratories of our hospital or from other contracted centres.