In our Pediatrics Department, examination and treatment of infants, children and teenagers to be the ages 0-16 have being performed and protective health services have being given.

Diagnostic and Treatment of Diseases

Intactus infants and examinations of children are an important opportunity to support children’s healthy development.

it is aimed to determine and prevent their detrimental effects problems such as, injuries of children and families to meet, lack of education, child abuse and neglect, violence in the family, environmental factors affecting domestic health, obesity and risky behaviour, smoking, alcohol and drugs with the health guides that we use in our department. Our pediatricians give information about the growth and development, social skills and domestic life of the children and direct them for healthy development.

Development process of children in certain intervals from birth have being observed and when it is necessary, treatments have being performed. Routine examination of infants in certain intervals from birth in the first week, fifteenth day and then monthly in the first year; after second year once every six months have being done. In these examinations, the physical, social and psychological development of infants have being evaluated and their vaccinations have being done bear in mind of the Ministry of Health’s and World Health Organization’s suggestions. Our department contains sufficient staff and equipment to be able to intervene in emergency medical situations for our children.

One of the most important purposes in our department is emphasizing the importance of breast milk for the development of infants. While all of our nurses and pediatricians are making effort about nutrition of the infants with breast milk in the first six months, they are taking support from the gynaecology and obstetrics.

Screening Tests

• Phenylketonuria

• Hypothyroidism

• Hearing Screening

Special Areas

• New Born Intensive Care Unit