The Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department (PTR) deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of muscle and skeletal system diseases, primarily rheumatic diseases. Orthopedic rehabilitation, neurological diseases and orthesis applications have being performed.  Acupuncture has being performed for various diseases acknowledged by the World Health organization, in particular for pain.

 Infrastructure and Equipment

    Shock wave treatment

    Surface hot and cold applications

    Paraffin bath





    Short wave

    All kinds of low and medium frequency currents, such as TENS diadynamia, vacuum interference which are pain relievers


    Medical massage

    Arm and feet ergometer

    Parallel bar and steps

    Balance board, finger steps

    Weights, therabands and exercise balls

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Processes

• Treatment of all kinds of muscle, skeleton and motion system, which are congenital or subsequent and affect the functional capacity of one and thus decrease quality of life (arthritis, soft tissue rheumatism, spinal disc and neck herniation, hand and ankle injuries, polio, hip dislocation) 

    Spinal cord injuries

    Apoplexy – Paresis

    multiple sclerosis


    facial paralysis

    Prosthesis applications on hips, knees and other joints

    Amputee rehabilitation

    Sports injuries, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder

    muscle tearing, adherence, movement restriction at joint

    Rehabilitation after surgery for meniscus and tissue injuries

    Rehabilitation after broken bones, dislocation and sprains

    Rehabilitation prior to and after delivery

    Services to other hospital patients

    Respiration exercises

    Exercise and rehabilitation in the intensive care unit

    Rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery

    Other Treatment Modalities Local injections (trigger point, tendinitis, intra-articular)

    Kinesiology banding (muscle-skeletal system pains, instabilities, muscle weakness, some neurological diseases)