Plastic Surgery and Plastic- reconstructive surgery

In our Plastic Surgery Department, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery services have being given service.

 Surgery – Processes and Interventions Related to Aesthetic Surgery

• Aesthetic rhinoplasty,

• Facial Rejuvenation surgeries,

• Endoscopic face and forehead lifting, brow lifting

• Eyelid aesthetics,

• Prominent ear correction,

• Chin enlargement and minimization surgery,

• Treatment of skin scars,

• Hair transplantation,

• Body laser applications,

• Aesthetic breast surgeries,

• Reduction of extreme fatty tissue,

• Abdomino-plasty,

• Contour correction with implants

• Leg aesthetics

• Botox filling and PRP applications

 Diagnostic and Treatment of Diseases

• Face deformity

• Cleft lip and palate

• Cranio-maxillafacial anomalies (chin, face, cranium deformities)

• Orthographic surgery (defect related to closing of the chin)

• Nose defects, tumors and ruptures

• Salivary gland problems

• Congenital tumors

• Naevus

• Soft tissue masses

• Vascular anomalies

• Soft tissue and bone traumas of the face

• Facial bone fractures

• Lack of breasts, asymmetry, and reconstruction of breasts after cancer cases

• Congenital anomalies of the genital organs