Koru Ankara Hospital, offers affective and analytical service with its Psychiatry Specialists and expert Psychologist staff.

Diseases that Diagnosed and Treated

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder


    Panic Disorders

    Social Fobia and Other Fobias

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (Obsessed Thoughts, Excessive Hand Wash, Repeating Movements etc.)

    Somatisation Disorders

    Conversion Disorders ( Hand & Feet paresthaesia , Blackouts etc.)

    Alcohol Addiction

    Vaginismus (Sexual Intercourse Problems in women)

    Bipolar Mood Disorders

    Pyschotic Disorders

    Eating Disorders ( Not eating or vomiting because of pocrescophobia, Excessive eating etc.)

    Family Communication Problems

    Divorce Crisises

    Sexual Disorders ( Orgasm Problems, Premature Ejeculation, Erection Problems etc.)

    Anger Management Disorders