In our hospital, all visualisation services under modern radiology have being performed by skilled employees.

 Visualisation studies in our hospital

Multi-slice computerized tomography: It provides to be monitored the body cross-sectional with using X-ray. Almost all organs including brain, internal ear, paranasal sinus, neck, lung and intra-abdominal organs have being examined in detail.

Ultrasonography and Doppler ultrasonography: Body scanning can be done with using sound wave. It is necessary that the patient should be hungry during 6 hours. According to the kind of examination, employee in charge gives you extra information. In Doppler ultrasonography, vessels in the body have being determined. Vessel tightness or occlusion, venous blood vessel failure have being searched. The results will be given on the same day in our ultrasonography unit.

Mammography: It provides to be examined breasts in detail with using X-ray. While coming to examine, it is necessary that the patient should bring old mammography and breast ultrasonography results.

X-ray film: Visualisation has being done with using X-ray. The results arrives doctor immediately by computer system.

Infrastructure and Equipment

Multi-slice computerized tomography

Ultrasonography and Doppler ultrasonography


X-ray film  

Invasive Process       

Fine needle thyroid gland

Nonvascular invasive process