Our Urology Department allows the application of all interventions, related to diagnosis and treatment performed in modern urology area, with is current substructure

 Infrastructure and Equipment

• Trans rectal ultrasonography

• Uroflowmetry

• Modern video-endoscopy systems

• C-armed scopy device

• Holmium laser

• Pneumatic and ultrasonography lithotripter

• Flexible type uretero-renoskopy

• All equipments of urinary Stone breaking surgery within the kidney (RIRS)

• “Da Vinci Robotic Surgery equipment

 Diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases

• Prostate diseases

• Urinary system stone diseases

• Urological cancers

• Male sexual function disorders

• Female urology diseases

• Child urology diseases

• Urological diseases

 Surgery – Processes and Interventions

• Placement and displacement of stent with cystoscopy

• Prostate biopsy with trans rectal ultrasonography

• Percutaneous kidney abscess drainage

• Percutaneous nephrostomy

• Percutaneous cyst drainage

• Flexible rigid  urethroscopic stone surgeries

• All open and endoscopic stone surgeries

• Retrograde intrarenal kidney surgery RIRS

• Stone breaking within the kidney by Holmium laser

• All open and endoscopic prostate surgeries

• All radical surgeries related to kidneys, bladder, prostate, testicles and penis cancers

• Treatment of kidney diseases with laparoscopic methods

• Microscopic varico-celectomy surgery

• All surgical interventions related to the treatment of erection disorders, penis prosthesis and testicle prosthesis placement

• Urinary incontinence surgeries in the area of female urology

• Urinary incontinence surgeries in the area of child urology; endoscopic or open surgeries related to all congenital diseases in the urinary system

• All kinds of urinary system stone diseases surgeries

 Special Service Areas

• Uro-oncology

• Endo-urology

• Robotic surgery