•      Vitiligo

In Cuba Melagenina Plus ointment developed by Carlos Manuel Miyares Cao, an alcoholic extract from the human placenta and melagenina and calcium mixture is used. This ointment acts by stimulating the formation of melanocytes at the edges and / or within the affected area. As a result of the studies, the drug was found to be effective in 86% of the patients. Melagenina Plus is safe to use on children, pregnant or lactating women and the elderly, there is no side effects that have been observed.

•      Psoriasis

In Cuba, Coriodermina has been  developed by Carlos Miyares Cao  which is a topical, water-soluble gel from the human placenta which  is one of the most effective treatment methods for psoriasis; The s uccess rate of the use of this gel is as follows: 84.6% of patients is clear of all lesions, 8.5% has been observed visible progress, 5 % minimum formation seen and 1.9 % has never been found. The success of Coriodemina is that it prevents the epidermic cells and regulates the rate, and neutralizes the cytokines and neuropeptides (molecules responsible for cell communication). Coriodemina is applied directly to psoriatic lesions and is absorbed by the lower skin (the middle layer of the skin, which makes the first defense against heat, light, infection, and injuries. The efficacy of coriodemina depends on the age of the patient, the rate of the affected area, how long the patient has been suffering from psoriasis and the correct application of the treatment. Coriodemina is safe for use on children, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly, there is no side effects that have been observed.

•      Alopecia

The treatment of this disease in Cuba is done by using Piloactive Lotion and Piloactive Shampoo. The success rate of both lotion and shampoo is 76%, which regulates human placenta. The sebaceous glands (the glands responsible for moisturizing the skin and hair), which stimulates the hair growth and stimulates hair follicles and improve hair growth in the follicle area by providing better blood circulation (based on results from patients).