Nowadays, proper nutrition is considered as one of the golden rules for a healthy life, proper growth and development as well as prevention and treatment of diseases. Our Diet and Nutrition Department adopts this perspective when serving our patients.

The Diet and Nutrition Services Unit of the Turkiye Hospital works through a specially developed program which aims to establish a correct nutrition awareness throughout the public.

For this purpose, our Nutrition Unit strives to broaden its activities without restricting the scope solely to patient admissions. Apart from the one-on-one interviews with patients and their relatives to increase, spread and highlight a proper nutrition awareness, our Unit also conducts informative campaigns via different events and media such as posters, brochures, press releases and conferences.

Proper nutrition
The concept of proper nutrition means provision of essential nutrients for an individual which are in line with the individual's daily activities

Unfortunately, a proper nutrition cannot be maintained due to pressure of harsh workplace environment at this age. This concept is usually confused with "eating a lot". Such an understanding will undoubtedly increase the negative influence of all diet-related discomforts. "Eating a lot" may result in serious consequences which are as severe as malnutrition"

With the provision of a proper nutrition awareness, first of all, problems primarily caused by incorrect diet will disappear. Obesity is the leading problem amongst malnutrition difficulties.
For the obesity, the effects of current dietary patterns cannot be ignored. Habit of "fast-food" is shown as one of the "responsible" causes in this perspective.
Of course, a healthy and correct diet implies balanced and healthy intake of all proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. These shall be provided from foods eaten along the day.

Another important issue is the processes which the foods undergo until they are served as "meal". First step of a proper nutrition program is the purchase of correct foods.
The food chain involves selecting, purchasing, storing, cooking and eating foods.
One should always remind that the concept of nutrition is closely related to eating habits, health status, age, gender, and job of the individual.

Personalized nutrition programs
For a correct diet program, requirements of the person should be determined in terms of nutritional value.

The Diet and Nutrition Services Unit of the Turkiye Hospital strives for correct diet habits of individuals by creating a personalized nutrition program.
Also, a specific program is planned for each patient. These diet programs are planned by considering all the scientific data available.

Our Diet and Nutrition Services Unit is also responsible for creating custom diet programs for patients who are diagnosed at our hospital or require special diet program due to diabetes, heart disease, digestive enzyme disorders, kidney and liver diseases, cancer, infant nutrition, pregnancy; in such cases, diet programs are planned according to the medical condition.

Growth and development follow-up
Proper nutrition has undoubtedly paramount importance for the development of infants. Nutrition and development of children is monitored and followed up in collaboration with our dieticians and pediatricians to ensure a healthy growth.
Nutrition-related problems are meticulously investigated by means of special programs created in a genuine manner.

Weight loss program
Nowadays, the obesity emerges as a serious health problem. In our unit, special weight loss programs are planned for patients with obesity, which is often secondary to the eating disorders. Of course, the most important consideration in weight loss programs is the "permanent weight loss", rather than losing weight at a particular instance. This can be achieved only in the light of scientific data. Of course, program to be implemented should be meticulously organized in order not to cause any health problems.

In this matter, Diet and Nutrition Services Unit of the Turkiye Hospital serves with success.
Being admitted to our hospital with such complaints, patient are made to go through a customized 1.5-month program in line with their current health status. Eating habits and current medical conditions of the patient are determined at baseline assessment, and then, data of general condition is obtained using laboratory tests, and finally, a detailed evaluation is completed.

Also considering height, weight, age, gender and working conditions of the individual, a special diet program is planned. For the final program, psychological motivation and dietary training are also given importance. However, keeping the appropriate weight is emphasized until desired weight is reached. This is only possible through proper and healthy eating habits.

Such programs intend to correct eating habits of individuals. This, of course, means a persistent diet to be applied throughout the life. On the other hand, this strict diet does not mean a restrictive weight loss program that will be dominant for the entire life. This eating habit is defined as "healthy diet as a way of life".
With monthly follow up visits, you will avoid gaining weight again. Also, an exercise program is planned under supervision of our physiotherapist to get rid of regional fat collections.

Weight gain program
Of course, there are some cases where the individual desires to gain weight. Though not as common as weight loss admissions, this is another important field of service.

For these patients, special programs are created to enable weight gain while protecting the general healthy condition. Such programs are planned following a set of evaluations.

Nutrition of inpatient
Patients are visited twice a day by our dietitian. The patient's complaints, analysis reports and personal eating habits are evaluated for providing our diet kitchen with correct instructions.Of course, nutrition of inpatients is a crucial matter which should be focused on. Diet and Nutrition Services Unit makes sure that all inpatients are given the nutrition they require by means of special menus in the Turkiye Hospital.

In this respect, special diet programs are provided for the patient. Moreover, the patient is given home diet programs which will be followed, after the patient is discharged. If required, the patient is given a brief training about healthy and correct nutrition patterns that should be applied.

General Recommendations
Do not forget! For a healthy diet;

  • You should not eat as much as you want, but as much as you need.Do not forget! For a healthy diet;
  • You should keep away from fatty foods, fried meals and high-calorie desserts.
  • If you consume alcohol on a regular basis, you should quit.
  • You should not eat until you are full; you should stop eating when you feel full and prefer healthier options.
  • You should adopt a consistent diet, rather than magical formulas to lose weight.