Türkiye Hospital Opthalmology center, with state-of-art equipment serves up-to-date advancements. We enjoy the deserved pride of pioneering many innovations. Our clinic has been the leading center in Turkey and has gained popularity also in Europe, attracting Europeans for qualified eye care. We have an acccumulated experience of 100.000 laser operations; moreover, we have been the first to implement wavefront tecnology in Turkey. 


With highy trained and experienced opthalmologists,subspecialists and supporting staff ,the center is capable of treating all kinds of eye problems.Our versatility can be observed in the subspecialty list below. 



Laser Keratome

Lasik & Lasek & Wavefront
Eye disorders, also referred as refractive error, requiring correction glasses or lens, laser technology...

Cataract & Phacoemulsification
The human eye has a native lens. The lens is behind the color part of the eye (iris)

Cataract is the clouding of the natural lens inside the eye and affects many people as they age. One of the best solutions called phacoemulsification is frequently performed in the unit with best results.

Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus
The most common pediatric eye problems, refractive errors

The frequently encountered eye problems in children are refractive errors, ocular muscle abnormalities, lazy eyes, eye infections and injuries. All of them can be corrected in our unit. Strabismus is treated by the pertinent method, either medically or surgically.

Cornea & Eye Transplant
Cornea is the most forefront layer of the eye and this tissue is the strongest..

Cornea may be damaged due to genetic abnormalities and infections. Keratoconus and pellucid may alter the shape of cornea. Cornea may be transferred microsurgically in our unit. Moreover contact lens applications can be implemented for keratoconus. Tomey-Tms 2 corneal topography and Orbscan corneal measurement systems contribute in both diagnosis and postoperative evaluation.

Contact lens
Recently, it is assumed that almost 100 million people is wearing contact lens worldwide.

International standard contact lens service is available for both vision correction and aesthetic purposes.

Glaucoma (Eye Pressure)
Also known as ocular hypertension, a common ocular disorder, "glaucoma"

Advanced care of glaucoma is possible in the unit. Computerized perimetry, HRT-II/retinal tomography and pacimetry modalities are available. HGM-yag laser can be utilized in closed-angle glaucomas eliminating the necessity for further surgery.

Medical Retina
This division is dealing with disorders of vitreous and retina at posterior chamber of the eye

Retinal problems are cured in the service using state-of-art technology. Mainly hypertension and diabetes related retinal disorders can be evaluated with fluoroscein angiography, indocyanine angiography and the latest modality called confocal scanning laser angiography. 
Two argon laser devices are present in the clinic; 

HGM PC EDO Argon Laser is used mainly for coagulating retinal hemorrages due to diabetes and vascular problems. 
HGM Compact argon laser is utilized for endolaser intervention during vitroretinal surgery.

Surgical Retina & Vitrectomy
A transparent, gel-like substance, also known as vitreous, in the eye globe.

Vitroretinal surgery is the microsurgical treatment of retina and vitreous with advanced technology. Alcon vitroretinal surgery system can be utilized for the following problems. 

Diabetic retinopathy 
Retinal vascular problems which need surgery 
Retinal detachment; when the simpler classic detachment surgery is inefficient. 
Macula (yellow spot) disorders 
Endopthalmy; İntraocular infections 
Eye injuries and intraocular foreign bodies 
Uveitis; when medical treatment is ineffective, 
Complicated ocular operations

Photodynamic Therapy
The age related visual disorder, also known as "age dependent - senile macular degeneration "SMD"

Senile macular degeneration seen in elderly can be treated with special laser techniques.Moreover surgical intervention is possible in related cases.

Eye Plasty
Bilateral eye lids are almost identical in appearance.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery and lacrimal drainage system surgeries are available as well as Botox application for minor problems