Orthopedics and traumatology deals with surgical management of human
locomotor system. In addition to trauma cases, our department renders
diagnostic, therapeutic and advanced care services required in areas such
as Neck, Shoulder, Elbow (Tennis Elbow), Waist, Hip, Hand and Wrist, Knee,
Foot and Ankle as well as Osteopor osis, Sports Injuries, and Knee, Hip and
Shoulder prosthetics.

PRP Therapy
Do you know that platelet rich plasma is obtained from your own blood and
can be used for tr eatment of many orthopedic conditions? This method,
known as PRP, allows quicker healing and prevents more invasive processes.
It is preferred in treating many conditions, along with muscle and tendon
injuries, and helps patients - especially athletes - heal in a short time period.

Treatment of Osteoporosis
Most important steps in treatment of osteoporosis are to stop reduction
in bone density and to protect the patient against fractur es and other
complications. Menopause leads to osteoporosis in women, and estrogen
therapy is known to r educe bone density loss and hip fractures up to 50%.
However, long-term estrogen therapy still has some disadvantages. Estrogen
therapy may only be performed on selected patients, under the observation
of Gynecologist and Obstetrician.
Certain drugs such as Alendronate, hormone replacement therapy and
calcitonin are frequently used in treatment of osteoporosis. Calcium and
Vitamin D are also added to the order. Frequent exercise and activities such
as cycling and walking helps conserving the bone mass.
One must not forget that preventing osteoporosis with simple precautions
can prevent many types of discomfort at old age.