The Psychology Unit of the Türkiye Hospital provides individual psychotherapy, marital and family therapy, adolescence and child psychotherapy services.

Child and Adolescent Psychology Unit provides healthcare services for psychological problems of children and adolescents.  Some of the services we provide are as follows.

* Behavioral disorder in Children

* Eating and Sleep Disorders in Children

* Attention Deficit and hyperactivity Disorder

 *Learning Difficulty and School Failure

 *Nail Biting/Thumb Sucking

* Enuresis / Fecal Incontinence

* Sibling Rivalry

* Test Anxiety

 *Adolescent Counseling

* Career Counseling


* Divorce and Child

* 0-6 years of age Developmental Assessment

* Special Education Counseling

* Autism

* Asperger Syndrome

* Phobias

* Obsession in Children

* Anxiety Disorder

* School Adaptation Process – School Phobia

* Loss, Trauma, and Grief


In addition, psychometric measurements are performed at our hospital by expert psychologists who are also specialized in measurement and evaluation.
Some of such tests are as follows:

Intelligence Tests

  • WISC-R: It is an intelligence test that is applied to children at age of 6-16 years.
  • Porteus Maze Test: It is a common intelligence test to measure a special area of intelligence that can be applied to both children and adults.
  • Alexander (Practical) Intelligence Test:It measures practical intelligence and it is applied to both adolescents and adults.
  • Cattel 2 A Test:  It is an intelligence test that is applied to children at age of 6 months to 7 years and at age of high school.
  • Cattel 3 A Test:  This test is applied to college students and graduates.
  • GoodEnough Harris Test: It is special type of intelligence test and the intelligence is assessed by using a human picture drawn by child.  The picture is also interpreted analytically at the same time.

Personality Tests

  • RorschahTest:It is a very special, projective personality and diagnostic test that can be applied to children, adolescents, and adults; using this test, mental diseases can be diagnosed and dynamics underlying individual’s mental problems can be identified.
  • MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory): It is a personality inventory that can be applied to individuals over the age of 16, and it is capable of measuring in detail and objectively.
  • CAT (Children’s Apperception Test):It is a projective personality test applied to children (3-10 years of age).
  • Louisa Duss Psychoanalytic Story Test: It is a special test that consists of semi structured stories and can shed light to psychological dynamics.
  • Draw A Person Test: It is a personality test that can explore psychological world of the child, provide detailed information, and support the therapy process through a human picture drawn by children

Development Tests

  • Denver Test:It assesses the development of children at 0-6 years of age. It is a test to assess the development of children in four different areas.
  • AGTE:It assesses the development of children at 0-6 years of age. It assesses the development of children in four sub areas and in general.
  • Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test: It is a picture vocabulary matching test shedding light to speech disorder and verbal expression and receptive language age in children at 3-10 years of age.
  • Gesell Developmental Test:It is a development test by which visual, motor and perceptional development of children at 2-6 years of age is assessed.

School Readiness Tests

  • Metropolitan: It is a school readiness test that can be applied to children at ages of 5 years 6 months to 6 years 0 month to measure the readiness for primary school.
  • Frostig:It is a perception test to assess the attention and visual perception of children.

Organicity and Neuropsychological Tests:

  • Bender Getalt:It is a visual motor perception test to identify organic functionality level, and it can provide findings related to organicity and it is applicable to individuals at age of 5,6-10,11 years.
  • Benton Visual Memory Test:It is an attention and perception test to identify attention deficit, and it can provide findings related to individual’s attention, perception, and memory; the test is valid for people over 8 years of age.
  • Special Learning Difficulty Battery:It is used for detailed assessment of learning difficulty in primary school child.