Yeditepe University Hospital’s Advanced Neurosurgery Center was designed to provide healthcare for children and adults. In addition to standard neurosurgical practices, it was planned to prepare the ground for successfully performing the most advanced methods, requiring high technology and experience.

Our center started to provide healthcare services in August 2005 and with the technological substructure required for complex surgeries, we have been able to offer services in all areas of Neurosurgery ever since our establishment.

Today, in addition to general neurosurgical procedures including disc herniation surgery, peripheral nerve surgery, congenital malformations, advanced surgeries requiring the latest techniques including surgical treatment of complex brain tumors and medullary tumors, vascular malformations including aneurysms, cavernomas and arteriovenous malformations, motor disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, tremor, dystonia and epilepsy surgery, are performed at Yeditepe University Hospital’s Advanced Neurosurgery Center.