Sports medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with physical fitness and the treatment and prevention of injuries related to sports and exercise. Although most sports teams have employed team physicians for many years, it is only quite recently that sports medicine has emerged as a distinct field of health care. Yeditepe University Hospital has been at the forefront of developments in the field in Turkey over the past years.

Yeditepe University Hospital’s Sports Medicine and Performance Center unit works closely with other Yeditepe departments, including the Orthopedics, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, and Imaging / MR Units, within Yeditepe’s celebrated multidisciplinary system.

The Yeditepe University Hospital Sports Medicine and Performance Center is dedicated to providing world-class medicine and sports science to athletes and active people of all levels and ages, as well as diagnosing and treating sports injuries. This is accomplished with a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, surgeons, sports scientists, physical therapists and athletic trainers providing cutting edge evidence based care programs so that our patients and clients can achieve their athletic goals.

It is the vision of the Yeditepe University Hospital Sports Medicine and Performance Center to be a national and international destination for athletes and active people who see the highest quality of medicine and science to optimize their peak performance and quality of life.