Liver Surgery, Gall Bladder Surgery (laparascopic), Bile Ducts Surgery, Pancreas and Spleen Diseases Surgery, Hemorrhoids Treatment, Mammaplasty, Tyroid, Paratyroid and Adrenal Gland Diseases Surgery, Hernia (Open-Close), Soft Tissue and Burnt Treatment, Trauma Surgery, Surgery Intensive Care, Laparoscopic Surgery (Gall bladder), Endoscopy, Colonoscopy practices are carried out at our General Surgery Clinic.



General Surgery Diseases could be summarized as following;

A. Digestive system diseases contains esophagus, stomach, small intestines, large intestines, rectum diseases (anal abscess, anal fissure, anal fistula, etc.), liver, gall bladder, the pancreas and spleen disorders. inguinal hernias Of the abdominal wall are considered in this group as well.

 B.  Endocrine Surgery Group;

• · Thyroid diseases (goiter and thyroid cancer)

· Parathyroid Diseases (parathyroid adenoma and parathyroid carcinoma)

· Breast diseases (benign breast disease and breast cancers)

· Adrenal diseases etc.