Family planning and birth control, menopause, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, pregnancy monitoring (pregnancy over 35 years, diabetes, blood disorders, hypertension), ultrasound (gynecological), cesarean section, hysterectomy, HSG, immunization, hormone monitoring, sexually transmitted diseases' treatments are done successfully at our Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic.

If a mother has certain diseases or if there are additional risks, the mother is taken into observation. For instance; patients suffering from heart diseases or high blood pressure are monitored closely throughout the entire pregnancy.

As pregnancy complications; multiple pregnancies, recurrent miscarriage and infant loss, RH incompatibility, premature births, cervical incompetences, etc. are monitored at this clinic.

Related to the prolongation of life expectancy in our country and around the world, the menopause and the period following covers 1/3 of the women's life and this fact resulted with the separate investigation of the specific health problems occuring during this time. Upon the the changes in the body caused by this physiological event, health care is provided for the women for the early diagnosis of the issues which might distrupt the quality of life, treat them and reduce the risks. The intension is to provide life quality. Quality life is happiness.