Neurology examines the diseases of nerve system and mucsles directed by them and their movement, as well as  balance, neuromotor development, sleep structure, perception, memory, state of consciousness structures and diseases.

Neurology clinic aims at structural and functional diseases of the central and peripheral nerve system for their diagnosis, monitoring and treatment.


1.            Headaches

2.            Epilepsy

3.            Cerebrovascular diseases (Strokes)

4.            Demantia – Alzheimer Disease

5.            Dizziness and balance disorders

6.            Movement disorders ve Parkinson's Disease

7.            Demyelinating diseases

8.            Peripheral nerve and muscle diseases

9.            For the diagnosis and treatment of sleeping disorders and respiration disorders in sleep we benefit from our neurology labs: Electroencephalography (EEG) and Electromyography(EMG)

Severe cases endangering the lives of the patients such as coma, progressive stroke, frequent seizures are followed up and treated at our adult-intensive care unit.