Pediatrics clinic is constantly serving with its specialist staff, so that you can trust your most precious children. After birth, babies are taken care of and monitorized next to their mothers by our experienced baby nurses for 24 hours and they are released once their all routine controls and surveys are made by our specialist doctors .

Babies are treat the best way at our Newborn Intensive Care Unit in case of a possible premature or problematic birth.

Diseases' early diagnosis and treatment services are aimed with Preventive health services in children. Highlighting the significance of  breast milk for babies' developlment is another major aim of our clinic.

Families are informed about the importance of feeding the babies only with breast milk for the first 6 months for the physiological development of babies at our baby friendly hospital,

Newborn Intensive Care Unit

Newborn Intensive Care Unit with its speacialist team and advanced technology incubator and other equipment, allows babies to get the best treatment at our hospital .