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ABOUT Avrupadent Oral and Health Centers

Visit us for a amazing smile.

We are located in İzmir with 14 branch.

We believe that we are carrying the service quality out of the ordinary and bringing a new perspective to dentistry, thanks to our expert doctor staff and our dynamic team on this road we set out to bring an exemplary clinic to Izmir, the pearl of the Aegean.

We aim to provide timely, accurate and satisfactory healthcare services in accordance with the needs and expectations of our patients, using all the facilities in the field of dentistry.


Spoken Languages

  • Türkçe Türkçe
  • English English
  • Deutsch Deutsch

Do not bother about the long duration of orthodontic treatment or braces that disturb the soft tissues in the mouth, tongue, cheeks and lips, and do not have an aesthetically ideal appearance. In our clinic, invisalign plaque, which are extremely practical, easy to apply and do not pose a problem especially from an aesthetic point of view, are frequently used and are often preferred.

In order to prolong the life of the implant, the patient should not interfere with the annual physician checks. Early diagnosis and treatment of problems / diseases that may occur in teeth, gums and bone surface can ensure that the implant remains in the mouth for many years in a healthy way.

It is to bring the smile of the person to the desired shape with various applications. When you treatment finished, your smile can become natural and attractive. During the smile aesthetics process, the gums of the people gain a healthy appearance. Discolorations, cracks and fractures in the teeth are treated. It is ensured that the teeth start to close correctly. Your dentist designs your new smile by taking into account many factors such as the structure of your face, skin color, teeth and lip structure.

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