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Bahçeci Cyprus IVF Hospital has a cumulative 22 years of experience in the fields of IVF, donation and reproductive treatment. Our success rate of 97.82% is attributed to the use of the latest technology together with experienced professional team of staff.

Many tests and methods that are not applied at any other center in Cyprus are implemented in our hospital. We are transforming the dream of thousands of families into reality every year, with the use of the latest technology such as CGT (Recombine) which enables scanning of hundreds of genetic diseases, ERA test which increases the pregnancy rate, and IMSI which enables selection of the best quality sperm.

Several tests and methods, which don’t exist in any IVF centers are being performed in our hospital. Every year we fulfill the parenting dreams of thousands of people thanks to the success booster technologies like CGT, which enables to screen hundreds of genetic diseases; ERA Test, which increases the pregnancy rates; IMSI, which ensures the best quality sperms to be chosen.

If you consider egg donation, sperm donation, sex selection, tandem cycle or any other IVF treatment, your journey to happy ending starts here with more than 40,000 former happy news.

The success rate is based on the 3rd cycle treatment with egg or embryo donation.


· Infertility and IVF

· Donation

· Gender Determination

· Tandem Cycle

· Microsort

· Insemination

· Embryology Laboratory

· Genetic

· Foetal Reduction


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