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Birinci Eye Hospital is rapidly becoming a recognized center for eye treatment in the region. We focus on the diagnosis, care and treatment of international patients. Settled in Beylikduzu, one of Istanbul’s most tranquil and exclusive residential districts, Birinci Eye Hospital is situated in lush gardens & parks. Our hospital is ten minutes from Atatutrk Airport , walking distance from the new ‘metrobus’ public transport system , easy ring road access. Moreover; there is a wide range of 3*, 4*, 5* Hotels as well as many shopping malls, restaurants and entertainment centers.
Birinci Eye Hospital has TÜV SÜD certifications. All our international patients and guests are accompanied by a dedicated multilingual specialist during the diagnostic and treatment process, through to recovery and convalescence in their home country.

 11,000 square meters of closed space
 8 Floors
 41 patient beds
 8 operating theaters
 Children Playground
 International TV Channels in the rooms
 Private Parking Garage
 Café

Birinci Eye Hospital is dedicated to a comprehensive approach to patient care which combines the specialist experience, technology and techniques.
 Refractive Treatment
Excimer Laser (Lasik, APK, Lasek)
Wavefront Lasik, Topolaser Lasik, T-CAT
 Keratoconus (Femto Ring, Cross Linking)
 Cataract and Refractive Surgery Center
Femtosecond Cataract, Phako, Multifocal IOL Lens applications
 Corneal Diseases and Treatment Center
Corneal Transplantation Unit (Keratoplasty)
 Pediatric health and Strabismus (Cross Eye ) Unit
 Glaucoma (Ocular Pressure)
 Retinal Diseases
 Macular Degeneration
 Oculoplasty & Eye Aesthetics
 Amblyopia (‘Lazy Eye’) Unit
 Vitreoretinal Surgery Unit

Birinci Eye Hospital is committed to remaining at the forefront of rapid advances in medical science and technology. This approach is reflected both in its investment in medical technology, and in its highly trained and experienced team of physicians, specialists and technicians. Birinci Eye Hospital believes that technology is also integral to providing international patients with the right environment for recovery.
Excimer Laser System: STAR S4 IR TM
iLASIK : AMO’s IntralaseTM FS
WaveScan WaveFrontTM System
Cataract (faco) treatment : Alcon Infiniti Vision System and Alcon LENSx Femtosecond Cataract Surgery System
Vitreoretinal Surgery : CONSTELLATION Vision System
o SLT-YAG Laser
o Argon Laser
o Excimer Laser
o OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)
o Computerized Visual Field
o Biometry
o Corneal Pachymetry
o A scan USG
o B scan USG
o Schirmer’s Test
o Lacrimal Lavage
o ERG (Electroretinography)
o VER (Visual Evoked Response Test)
o EOG (Electrooculography)
o VEP (Visual Evoked Potential Test)
o Anterior Segment
o Posterior Segment
o FFA (Fundus Fluorescein Angiography)
o ICG (Indocyanine Green )
o PentaCam
o Cam Treatment
o Neurovision
o Synoptophore Test
o Hess Screen
o ROP Examination ( Retinopathy of Prematurity)
o Excimer Laser
Birinci Eye Hospital is building and expanding international affiliations and relationships.


Our mission is to focus and prioritise the value of patient safety. We aim to improve the quality of life with advanced technology and to riase doctors and health care professionals who value people.

Bir Inci Eye Hospital continues to pursue the innovations of 21st century to ensure patient satisfaction through qualified staff, high-tech medical devices,patient rooms and the superior service and patient care policies.

 Transfer from/to Airport, Hospital, Hotel
 Free Accommodation
 Free Accommodation for one companion (in the same room with the patient)
 Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
 Examination
 Post Operation Control
 First Medications (Refractive Surgery)
 Half Day City Tour


  • Café
  • Dedicated smoking areas
  • Free Wifi
  • Health insurance coordination
  • Phone in the room
  • Restaurant
  • Translation services
  • Load More Services

Spoken Languages

  • Türkçe Türkçe
  • English English

Today, new treatment methods have been developed by means of rapid advancements in technology and application of high technology to medicine, particularly to ocular treatments. There are different methods other than excimer laser today for the treatment of high myopia and astigmatism.

The purpose of laser is to get rid of spectacles permanently. The risk of recurrence is very low if laser has been applied to the right eye at the right time by the right method.

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