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We’ve brought all our experience under one roof to Centrium. Equipped with a high level of technical and technological standards, 12-storey, 4 thousand square meters covered area, within easy reach of Metro and Metrobus very close to the Zincirlikuyu. If you want to come with your car, we have a free valet service.

To reach us at any moment, the Centrum ENT 7/24 is open and constantly on your side… With state-of-the-art equipment: experts and experienced physicians in the ENT center; we provide all kinds of ear, nose, throat diseases, diagnosis and treatments and services starting from ear shape disorders to vertigo – from the curvature of the nasal bone, sinusitis –adenoid , thyroid and goiter, snoring and sleep apnea syndrome – from sound impairment to sound analysis and therapy services.

We offer qualified, result-oriented diagnostic and therapeutic services with our experienced staff specializes in plastic surgery, medical aesthetics, hair transplantation and dental areas except for the ENT in Centrium.

It’s important for us as much as you to help you feel healthy, happy and beautiful…. Our goal is to provide you with a unique “Centrium customer experience” with our personalized service approach.

We follow, investigate, ask, discuss and learn the scientific and technological developments regularly in the medical sphere. All of our patients are a guest who has different expectations for us. We try to meet your expectations with our religions, we understand, analyse and tailor the best solutions for the person.


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