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Centro Medico El Carmen is a private general hospital located in the city of Ourense in the northwest of Spain. It was founded in 1949 by Dr. David Morante, specialist in traumatology. Nowadays, the hospital is being managed by his descendants, also doctors by profession.

The hospital has agreements with all the Spanish Insurances Companies as well as the Spanish Public Health System.
In the last 20 years we have made several investments to put ourselves at the forefront of Galician medicine, thanks to the acquisition of the latest technology, the development of the most effective medical techniques and a team of highly qualified professionals. In this last period, we have performed more than 75.000 operations, almost 1.100.000 consultations acts and over 250.000 emergencies attended.

There are 3 multidisciplinary surgery theaters, 1 hemodynamic room (noninvasive cardiac surgery), 8 beds ICU and 32 rooms. Being a small familiar hospital allows us offer patients a close and personalized treat at all levels.

Our medical team is composed of 78 doctors from more than 30 specialties.

In order to raise the standards of the care services, our quality department accredited the hospital in the following international standards accreditations:

- ISO 9001/2008

- UNE 179003:2013 Risk management for patient safety

- EFQM 400+

- Hospital quality (Spanish Government)

- QH in medical tourism (third hospital in Spain to obtain this accreditation


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  • Mobility accessible rooms
  • Online doctor consultation
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Loss of bladder control is called Neurogenic Bladder.

There are many causes but the most well-known is traumatic spinal cord injury. Other causes are: multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, cerebrovascular accident after-effects, congenital diseases such as myelomeningocele; they also include: nerve injuries due to chronic pathologies such as diabetes, or acute ones: after surgery (disc herniation, pelvis surgery, etc.).

Neurogenic bladder mainly presents as:

·         Overactive bladder: which produces urinary incontinence and a need to urinate.

·         Underactive bladder (acontractile): which presents as an inability to urinate leading to urinary retention.

·         Uncoordinated urination (Dyssynergia): Difficulty in emptying the bladder.

Complications of neurogenic bladder in the urinary system are: urinary incontinence, urine infections and, in the long term, renal insufficiency (if suitable treatment is not received).

Neurogenic bladder treatment can vary depending on the type, and there are many options.

The treatment objectives are: avoid kidney damage, prevent complications in the bladder, and improve the patient’s quality of life.

Some general recommendations can be made, tips on emptying the bladder, medical treatments or ones that are minimally invasive with botulinum toxin and, in some cases, surgery. The treatment will depend on the initial assessment and suitable diagnosis

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