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ABOUT Clinichair Hair Transplant Center


Clinichair was established in 2001 by Güzide Cansu Bilgili and continues to serve today. Clinichair works on hair , beard and brow stems related to hair health and hair problems (only fue method as of 2005), Hair Mesotherapy, Hair PRP.

Clinichair, has made a significant contribution to the health tourism in the domestic and international markets in the past 5 years and has announced its name in approximately 25 countries, performs all its operations in the highest standards of the sector.

We know that personal self-confidence and natural vitality in the direction of our mission against our customers are responsible for the success and reputation of every professional career as well as private life. We also know that a higher hair, beard and eyebrow volume will improve everyone's personal well-being and make you look more attractive to the outside world .

In this sense, we are developing a basic and promising approach to achieve more satisfaction, higher self-esteem and higher quality of life for thousands of patients at Clinichair, both at our country and abroad.

In the name of these goals, in Clinichair we customize each hair transplant ,take care of individual needs and evaluate the individual condition of each patient. We maintain a natural and esthetically pleasing result on patients and use techniques with highly advanced equipment to keep a short and fast recovery due to the minimally invasive character of our techniques and we provide comprehensive patient care throughout this entire process. And at Clinichair, we focus on the world's most advanced FUE method for extracting hair. (follicular unit extraction).

Especially because of the ever increasing demand for hair transplantation, a large number of new clinics in Turkey, began to offer a wide range of services at low quality. Unlike Clinichair, these clinics often have very bad consequences for performing this operation by non-qualified people, hiding the fact that basic parts of the hair transplant process are performed by medical assistants or other members of staff. Because this will reduce the average labor costs drastically, many clinics are able to offer haircuts at bargaining levels, neglecting the most important aspect of intensive medical care.

At Clinichair, every hair transplant is performed entirely by professional hair surgeons. This includes the process of screening and making the plan, the removal and cleaning of the donor site, and the final displacement process at the receiving site. During these basic parts, our patients are kept under the precise control of the professional team. This ensures that Clinichair guarantees high quality throughout all procedures including the entire service range. Unlike many other clinics, hair surgeons in Clinichair will not only take on the responsibility of the extraction process, but at the same time, all processes will be carried out with utmost care, revealing their highly specialized competence.

In addition to all these, Clinichair gives you all the experience that you will live with the packages you offer. Once you reach the airport with our VIP vehicles, we will meet you until the moment we visit you and we will arrange your accommodation at Hilton Garden Inn which is one of the most prominent hotels in İzmir. We would like to accompany you to the package you choose and give you a nice experience.


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They never exists as before the hair has fallen. Because all the hair taken by the methods of hair transplantation is used to cover a much larger gap. As the area grows, the frequency of the hair in cm2 is decreasing. The open area is smaller, the more frequent, the larger the image is less frequent.

There is no side effect or complication of the hair plantation which will cause trouble to the person in the future.

Since the hair extensions are taken from the hair with the hair that does not spill between the two ears, it will remain the same in its new places, for a LIFE SIZE.

No. Since the cultivated hair is also your own hair, you NEED NEED ANY SPECIAL CARE. You can continue to do the cutting, shaping, dyeing, perming and cleaning works of your hair like always.

3 months after the planting begins to look like a beard, gaining character and you will get the image of your other hair.

The best thing to expect from a cosmetic product is the feeling that your hair is healthier. Some products seem to slow hair loss, but this is temporary.

Yes, it seems to be swollen by 10 to 15 percent, but we have not seen such a complication yet because of the treatments that we performed after the procedure in our physician series.

With the development of techniques, the hair now attached seems very natural. With the follicular unit transplantation, the dark years of hair transplantation, in which hair donated seems not to be natural enough, are left behind.

Washing starts on the 2nd day following the planting. A special wash is done for 15 days. The person then goes through the desired washing pattern. Continuous maintenance is not required after hair transplantation.

Due to the drugs applied on the scalp, some patients may swell for a few days after the procedure. However, with a few simple measures and treatment, this swelling can be largely prevented.

You can go on walks within a few days. However, it should be avoided from sporting events (football, fitness, etc.) that can damage the hair for 1-1.5 months.

It is not recommended to enter the sea, pool, hampers and saunas for 1.5 months. Hair dyeing should not be used for 4 - 5 months.

No. General anesthesia is not preferred in hair transplantation. Local anesthetic drugs, which many people have met at least once in the past (usually during dental operations), will numb for a while, with hair-under-operation.

There is a slight burning sensation when performing local anesthesia. The patient then feels no pain or pain during the operation

After a successful operation by an experienced team, the entire hair grows. The growing of the added hair is not a problem for the experienced hair-planting team.

"Density" is the name of the hair in the area; eg. A man between the ages of 30-50 has an average hair density of 250-300 per centimeter square. "Fullness" is an objective measure used to describe the appearance of one's hair, regardless of the density of the hair, so that someone with less hair density may look fuller than someone with more dense hair, although hair density is the most important determinant of filling , hair color, structure and thickness of hair, and other factors are very important.

"How Much Hair?" you can get an idea about the number of follicular units that should be sown deep into the head with the help of our information table. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the number that is appropriate for you will be determined by our doctors after an individual interview.

Hair loss is a problem that can be seen both in men and women; but more striking in men. 25% of men 25 years of age started to fall if the hair was a bit too small. This proportion is 50% among men aged 50 years.

Stress can cause widespread hair loss in some cases. This type of hair loss, also called telogen effluvium, is different from androgenetic alopecia. If the stress is removed from the center, the spilled hair will reappear in about a year.

Local anesthesia is an extremely risk-free and safe procedure. Except for some side effects that may rarely be seen, the danger of local anesthesia is practically negligible when practiced by experienced physicians.

Since the whole procedure is performed with micro-fine work and our channeling technique does not lead to tissue damage, there are no traces of hundreds of hair patches made in our clinic.

Laser can be used in hair transplantation. But it does not make much contribution to hair transplantation process and its results. We can use the bulky laser machine to open only the roots that we can leave roots, and when we do research, we can see that the channels that were not opened with laser showed improvement in shorter time (5-7 days), while the channels opened with laser showed a late recovery after another week (7-1 4 days). This situation does not match our meticulousness to plant our hair without leaving any traces. Laser hair transplantation is not necessary.

Hair transplantation, a small surgical operation performed with local anesthesia, does not require hospital conditions. It is also important for the relief of the psychology of the person that hair transplantation takes place in a comfortable and hygienic environment. For this reason, hair transplantation is equipped with equipment specially equipped with hair transplant center layout is suitable.

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