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DentGroup Brand Manifesto

As DentGroup, we are not an ordinary chain of dental clinics.

In a sector quite functional, we refuse to be one of many that increasingly look like one another.

We represent the “new generation dentistry”.

We’ve set out to become the world’s one of the most successful chain of dental clinics.

Our primary goal is to make a difference in our patients’ lives and change the whole sector forever.

We help kids, teens, adults and seniors smile to life with confidence, empowering them to change their world. We know… how a tiny touch on a single tooth can lead to a huge smile and how a smile can unleash one’s full potential to change his or her life; be it a new job, a new girlfriend, a long deserved promotion or a role in a school play…

Every single day,

This is the mentality we come to work with.

This is exactly why we sit in our units with so much passion and motivation.

This is why we’re different,

and, why we’re the changing face of our sector.

Because, we’re not only treating our patients’ teeth, we’re also touching their lives for the better.


DentGroup was established in 2006 on Bağdat Caddesi by Dentist Efe Çelebi who is experienced in aesthetics dentistry and by Orthodontist Cihan Çapan with “Art of Dentistry” in their minds.

DentGroup Göztepe was founded in 2007 after Dentist Bijen Muhit, who is also experienced in his profession, joined the team. Bijen Muhit started institutionalization and branching processes with Efe Çelebi and Cihan Çapan.

Then, DentGroup Kids was opened in Caddebostan in 2012 when Pedodontist Msc. Dt. Neşve Çetin Kayabaşoğlu joined DentGroup family.

In May 2013, DentGroup Ataşehir, which would be a good example with its advanced technology and architecture in the sector, was opened under the same roof with DentGroup Kids when Dr. Tuğrul Saygı, who is specialized in maxillofacial prosthesis and aesthetics Dentist Kerem Adalet joined DentGroup.

DentGroup Maslak was established in April 2014 with Prosthodontist Dr. Şirin Baloğlu Tuzcu and became the first DentGroup Branch in european side of Istanbul.

By June 2014, DentGroup Acarkent welcomed patients with particitipation of Dt. Pelin Cuhruk Karaer & Dt.Aydemir Karaer. In previous years, DentGroup’s fast & powerfull growth strategy boosted by Pedodontist Zeynep Yalçınkaya Erdemci, Dt.İmren Hocaoğlu and Dt.Ekim Emek Ertener.

In 2015, DentGroup established its own digital dental laboratory, "DentLab". DentGroup is the only chain of dental clinics in Turkey that have established their own digital dental laboratory.

In 2016, 7th, 8th and 9th branches, DentGroup Maltepe, DentGroup Çekmeköy and DentGroup Bahçelievler have been established. Within the same year, the first branch outside of Istanbul, DentGroup Antalya has also been established in Antalya which is located in southern part of Turkey and well known for its tourist attractions and holiday resorts especially in Summer Time.

While expanding, DentGroup also aims becoming one of the most succesful chain of dental clinics in the world with new participants & investors.


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