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EUROFERTIL is the on going leader in the area of infertility diagnosis and treatment for 16 years. Especially mastered in the diagnosis and treatment of male and female infertility, and provides services from the simplest test to the most complex fertility treatments. With an endless effort to rise in our success and to perfect our clinical applications are the basic goals of our center from the first day. Our doctors have been successfully completed more than 25.000 IVF treatments. And our pregnancy ratings are above the USA standards, which have been considered the best in entire World, proves that.

Even if you need the simplest treatment or a treatment that requires the latest technology like IVF, embryo freezing, blastocyst implantation,preimplantation genetic diagnosis, you can be sure that the experience and success of EUROFERTIL will deliver your baby to you.

EUROFERTIL is a comprehensive clinic in the area of fertility diagnosis and treatment. Formed from gynaecologists, embryologists, urologists, psychologists and anaesthesiologists, our team, who are expert in their areas, and have both nationally and internationally educated, will provide all the knowledge and skill they have for you to have your baby swiftly.


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