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The hair follicles are taken from the individual donor region by FUE method and transplanted to the region where they are transplanted. The duration of the operation lasts approximately 6 hours, depending on the amount of root needed. After the FUE method, there is no scar and stitching sign.

Hair transplantation is the permanent solution to the problem of hair loss experienced by millions of men and women. 50% of males face the problem of hair loss due to various reasons before reaching their 50s. Hair transplantation operations are suitable for people experiencing androgenetic alopecia known as male pattern hair loss. For this reason, hair loss operation will be appropriate for those who experience hair loss. 12-Step Hair Transplantation with 2-FUE Method Appointment: With a pre-appointment appointment, our team examines the area and hair quality of the plantation and gives information about the results. Laboratory analysis: It is analyzed whether there are obstructions in the blood and appropriate cases are processed. Photographing: Before the operation, the cultivation area and the donor area are photographed from different angles. Drawing: The sowing area of the hair is drawn and the planting planning is done.


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