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Private Hatem Hospital is one of the leading hospitals of Gaziantep with its modern and expert staff, equipped with all kinds of medical examinations and treatments and equipped with contemporary medical technology.

Founded in 2006, the hospital's history is based on the foundations of Set ENT medical center established by Op. Dr. Temur BÜLBÜL and Op. Dr. Halil BOYUNSUZ in 1996. Private HATEM Hospital was established in an indoor area of ​​3500 square meters in 2006 due to intensive demand of the patients. The institution that provides services with the boutique hospital concept had decided to expand the existing building in 2012. In 2015, it increased its bed capacity from 59 to 118, its area from ​​3500 to 12500 square meters and continuing to develop its technology, patient satisfaction and branches every day. In addition, 380 personnel including 47 doctors offer their services in the center.

In Private Hatem Hospital, everything is designed for the health, wellbeing and comfort of the patients. All the rooms are equipped with nurse call system with adjustable automatic controlled beds, adjustable bed and armchair for the hospital attendants, bathroom-toilet, telephone, emergency telephone, cable TV, mini fridge, room service, central system air conditioner, offering the service of highest quality. Modern hotel management services as well as the comfort of home environment are provided. Private Hatem Hospital, which does not compromise quality on health, provides polyclinics, waiting rooms, training hall, cafeteria, underground parking and valet services.

From the day of its establishment, the hospital has covered a great distance and it has been providing 24/7 treatment with Adult Intensive Care Unit and Newborn Intensive Care Unit, experienced specialist staff and latest technologicy compatible devices.

In the hospital where advanced technology is used, there are 5 operating rooms where all operations can be performed with open and closed techniques and 2 full delivery rooms for mother candidates who prefer normal delivery.

Private Hatem Hospital has taken its place as a pioneering and respected hospital in the region with its technological infrastructure, equipment and mutually qualified operations that have gained the confidence of the people of the region without sacrificing the principles of integrity and honesty since 2006. Along with being one of the important health centers in the region, it also receives intensive patient requests from Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Adıyaman, Kahramanmaraş and Kilis. The hospital serving in all branches have agreements with many institutions as well as SSI and private health insurances.

Private HATEM Hospital, which has reached a wide patient profile in the international standards with its health service area, increases the number of people whom it provides healing, with the units such as physical therapy and rehabilitation center, aesthetic center, and pediatric surgery.


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