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Who are we:

QBA Medi Tours has been approved by, Cuban Ministry of Health, Embassy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its head office operates in Germany, and a branch in Istanbul. Any patient that would want to be treated in Cuba or in Turkey, we manage our operations with our expert operation staff in the most healthy way.

We guarantee the highest quality level of service to our customers with the slogan, " We care about your health as much as we do ourselves”.

As QBA Medi Tours, with the understanding of “On-Site Treatment “, wherever you are around the world, Cuba and Turkey offers alternative treatments which we bring you together with by acting as a bridge with our expert team to reach these alternatives.


v Reliability

v Close monitoring of health developments

v Organization skills

v Solution focused understanding

v Making Satisfaction

v Experienced professional staff

v Fast process tracking

v Service after tracking



Our experienced team provides professional solutions to our customers. You will be informed step by step about your entire process. The most accurate and up-to-date information is shared with you.

Solution Oriented:

We work to meet the needs of our customers at the highest level and produce solutions to them with the solution-oriented working approach, which is one of the most fundamental principles.

organisational skills:

Straight from the start of the application process of our customers, the necessary documents are brought together with the relevant institutions and the organization planning starts with the follow-up of our customers which continues until the return to the country of treatment and post-treatment.

Ensure Satisfaction:

Each of our clients are met at the Cuban airport and Turkish airport, in a friendly, approachable manner by our staff to eliminate the alienation of our clients' concerns.


Our experienced team provides professional solutions to our clients in the medical field. We provide the highest quality service to our customers in hospitals with the latest technology and expert staff.

follow-up after Service :

We do not break our communication after treatment with our customers. Following their return to their country, we continue to provide the necessary information to the hospitals and institutions where they are treated.


Transportation and Transfer Services

v Meeting at the airport

Our professional team will meet our patients at the aport, in a friendly environment and does not leave the family alone during the whole process.

v Car Rental:

We allocate new brand and model vehicles to our customers who need a car in the most appropriate conditions from the contracted rental company.

Accommodation Services:

In accordance with the requests of our customers, we make reservations for the most suitable hotels.

Health Service Organizations:

We reach our professional team 7/24 in health service organizations and solve your problems in the fastest way.

Other Services:

v Visa Procedures;

Qba medi tours is interested in all procedures. We do all the documentation and follow-up procedures for you to complete the visa application process.

v Ticket Services

We offer you the most affordable prices for tickets by tracking your ticket.

v Interpreting Services

Qba Medi Tours's gives Interpretation service, our professional translators are always with you for all your translation needs when you want to visit the environment with your daily needs such as doctor consultation and treatment.



v Individual Budget Planning

We make your individual plans with you with maximum quality and minimum costs. Our main goal as a team is to provide the best quality service at a reasonable cost. When you share your health problem with your team, your health report and your budget for this service, we will conduct the price study for the most appropriate health facility, treatment planning, treatment team and alternative packages. Furthermore, the QBA Medi Tours family will closely follow every step in the health service of your choice and will be with you during the budget and planning-related treatment process.

Corporate Services

o Hospital Pricing Services

o Needs Assessment

o Evaluation of the Hospital Department

o Determination of the Service Interval

o Determination of area and treatment options

o Preparation of contract


o Health Insurance Companies

o Consulates and Embassies

o Health Tourism Companies

o Self-paying patients

Call center

You can contact our call center from all over the world. Our experts in the field can communicate with you in your own language, take your request and inform you about the most effective alternatives.

Why Cuba?

1959 After the Revolution, Fidel Castro, the Revolutionary Leader and President of the State Council, identified the health sector as a strategic area and decided to prioritize the country's research and work in education as well as in health. In this context, a step was taken to establish an “army of white shirt”.

The Cuban Government allocates about 10% of the annual revenue to the health sector.

The Cuban state has developed and is currently developing new methods and vaccines for cancer treatment using biotechnology, genetic engineering, and scientists in the fight against cancer that increases mortality in the country.

Oncology Programs

Vaccine Treatments in Cuba

• Head and Neck Cancers

• Lung Cancer (small extracellular NSCLC)

• Pancreatic Cancer

• Skin Cancer (Basal cell)

• Gastric cancer

• Colon cancer

• Esophageal Cancer


• CimaVax-EGF is the first non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) vaccine in the world, developed by the Center for Molecular Immunology in Cuba, the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology This vaccine strengthens the immune system and specifically produces the epidermal growth factor (EGF) (a protein naturally present in the body responsible for signaling for the division and growth of cells) and antibodies that bind to it . In certain types of cancer, the body produces too much EGF, forcing cells to grow and divide out of control. CimaVax-EGF is not a preventive vaccine, but rather slows the development of cancer cells by limiting their growth and division, thereby turning advanced lung cancer into a chronic disease..

VAXIRA (Racotumomab)

Racotumomab is the second non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) vaccine developed by the Center for Molecular Immunology in Cuba and was used as the primary treatment for NSCLC in Cuba until January 2013 . Racotumomab activates the cellular and secretory immune response to the NeuGc GM3 gangliosity in some tumor tissues, inhibiting tumor growth and slowing its development, thereby improving the patient's expected life expectancy and quality of life.


• For cancer types with an of EGFR (epidermal growth factor receptor) production, the target treatment containing anti-EGFR antibodies is the only chemotherapy-free treatment against this disease. Nimotuzumab, one of the world-renowned drugs, was developed at the center of molecular immunology in Cuba. Although not the only one of its kind, the researchers at the center can be said to be the first researchers worldwide to research and develop anti-EGFR antibodies. Nimotuzumab is a human monoclonal antibody, which is an antibody obtained by combining the human antibody with the mouse or rat monoclonal antibody . Unlike its competitors, a greater number of humanoid epitopes (part of the antigen to which the antibodies bind - in this case cancer cells) have been added to the mouse or rat monoclonal antibody in Nimotuzumab. In particular, it has the ability to detect, bind to, and disable EGFR receptors. Since excessive EGFR production is limited in the majority of tumor cells and Nimotuzumab is predominantly active at the site of the tumor, side effects are minimal and even the first cancer vaccine available to these children. Nimotuzumab increases life expectancy and quality of life when used in combination with monotherapy or radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It is well tolerated even in long-term treatment and has been approved for the treatment of advanced malignant glioma and advanced esophageal cancer in advanced head and neck cancer patients, adults and children.

Cancer program with natural products

• Blue scorpion poison, which is common with the homeopathic treatment method applied in Cuba, is a method which has been applied by reducing it.

• The use of Vidatox 30CH is a complementary treatment of symptoms associated with cancer effects and pain relief. Spirulin, which contains vitamin C, is a nutritional supplement containing protein-rich algae and other trace elements, and the presence of Vitamin C promotes the complementary absorption of iron and increases the resistance of the human body to disease. Trophin improves the healing process and immunosuppressants and improves one's nutritional status.

• In addition, a new drug was developed to strengthen the immune system. Hebertrans

Skin Diseases Programs


In Cuba Melagenina Plus ointment developed by Carlos Manuel Miyares Cao, an alcoholic extract from the human placenta and melagenina and calcium mixture is used. This ointment acts by stimulating the formation of melanocytes at the edges and / or within the affected area. As a result of the studies, the drug was found to be effective in 86% of the patients. Melagenina Plus is safe to use on children, pregnant or lactating women and the elderly, there is no side effects that have been observed.


In Cuba, Coriodermina has been developed by Carlos Miyares Cao which is a topical, water-soluble gel from the human placenta which is one of the most effective treatment methods for psoriasis; The s uccess rate of the use of this gel is as follows: 84.6% of patients is clear of all lesions, 8.5% has been observed visible progress, 5 % minimum formation seen and 1.9 % has never been found. The success of Coriodemina is that it prevents the epidermic cells and regulates the rate, and neutralizes the cytokines and neuropeptides (molecules responsible for cell communication). Coriodemina is applied directly to psoriatic lesions and is absorbed by the lower skin (the middle layer of the skin, which makes the first defense against heat, light, infection, and injuries. The efficacy of coriodemina depends on the age of the patient, the rate of the affected area, how long the patient has been suffering from psoriasis and the correct application of the treatment. Coriodemina is safe for use on children, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly, there is no side effects that have been observed.


The treatment of this disease in Cuba is done by using Piloactive Lotion and Piloactive Shampoo. The success rate of both lotion and shampoo is 76%, which regulates human placenta. The sebaceous glands (the glands responsible for moisturizing the skin and hair), which stimulates the hair growth and stimulates hair follicles and improve hair growth in the follicle area by providing better blood circulation (based on results from patients).

Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment

Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer with Heberprot-P

Heberprot-P is a drug developed by Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center located in Cuba, for treatment of severe diabetic foot ulcer. Its main component is epidermal growth factor (EGF) and it is applied parenterally (intralesional injection directly into the wound). About 160.000 diabetic foot ulcer patients were treated with Heberprot-P and the success of eliminating the amputation risk was seen in 75% of the patients.

In diabetic patients, growth factor, particularly epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF) density decreases. EGF is an important growth factor which regulates the cell growth and cell increase by binding to epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFR). Once EGF decreases, wound healing significantly decreases ad as a result, amputation procedure may be required. When Heberprot-P is applied, healing process duration increases continuously and progressively.

Heberprot-P is applied for the patients whose disease course is poor, chronic non-healing wounds and patients who do not respond to the traditional treatment methods.



Prostat adenokarsinomu

• Üretra Darlığı

• Benign Prostat hiperplazisi (benign prostate enlargement)

• Ureteral Lithiasis

• Kronik Prostatit

• Kidney Tumor

• Bilateral Varicocele


Cataract Both

• Cataract Capsulotomy

• Keratoconus Surgery

• Strabismus Surgery

• Retinal Surgery

• Ocular Prosthesis

• Treatment with Avastin

• Conjunctival Autograft Pterygium Surgery

• Refractive Surgery for Exciming Laser

• Corneal Surgeries with Treatment Options

• Evaluation of Macular Diseases

• Retina Evaluation

• Comprehensive Opthalmalogical Evaluation of the Diabetic Patient

• Ophthalmalogic Evaluation

• Glaucoma Surgical Treatment Trabeculectomy of an Eye

• Surgical Treatment of Glaucoma, Implant, Drainage Device

• İridotomi

• EAR DISEASES-Hearing Loss

• Neurorehabilitation

Parkinson’s disease,

Head and neck injuries,

Spinal inflammation,

Alzheimer disease,

Paralysis and other nervous system diseases are treated.

• Addiction Disease

Cuba helps the patients with addiction with expert personnel in this three-month program and thus patients are recovered from drug and alcohol addiction. Dependents are firstly given responsibility and self-confidence and then the patients are provided to develop their hobbies. No medication is used in the treatment. Patients can go out, do sports and go to the sea or an activity easily in the company of a psychiatrist, nurse or other employee.

The most important thing for the continuity of recovery in addiction treatment is to make the motivation effective. For this reason, the resources of the patient are activated in cooperation of therapist and patient in the individual therapies. This program aiming the person to enjoy life without alcohol and drugs takes 97 days.


Spoken Languages

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