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SCI International Hospital is a regional, national, and international tertiary referral center dedicated to the treatment of disorders of the male Urethra, External Genitalia and Andrology located at the heart of the city. The Centre is staffed by skilled and experienced surgeons who perform total and partial reconstructions of the urinary tract. Our approach to treating patients is truly multidisciplinary. At our centre multiple specialists examine each patient and reach a team recommendation on the most beneficial treatment.

Why Choose SCI International Hospital?

We ensure that your investment in health is one of the most rewarding and effective you are likely to make. Our Centre is exclusively specialized in the treatment of disorders of the male urethra, penis, and external genitalia.

· We value your choice, we will strive to make your experience with us flawless!

· Accessibility: we are available 24/7 through our online consultation system

· We are specialists in Uro-Andrology and sexual medicine

· Experience and skill are the foundations on which we build our present

· Innovation and improvement are what ensures our future and that of our patients

Dr. Gautam Banga’s approach to treatment is based on the need to meet the following criteria:

· Be reliably performed and have minimal risk of failure.

· Have operative versatility.

· Be performed with minimal morbidity and complications.

· Be consistent with cost-containment principles in modern urology.

International Patients Facilities

· Quick and complimentary review of medical reports

· Free airport pickup and drop in Air-conditioned luxury car or Ambulance

· Dedicated patient coordinator to take care of all your requirements

· Assistance for accommodation in nearby Hotels & Guest Houses

· International patient lounge for exclusive use of international patients

· Complimentary stay for one attendant during hospital admission

· Assistance with local SIM card/phone so that you are always connected with your family

· 24-Hour Pharmacy and Healthcare store ensuring that all medicines are authentic and stored as per the required standards.

Travel Assistance

· Visas and Customs - Each country has its own visa and custom regulations. It is the responsibility of the patient and attendants to adhere to the protocols.

· Ground Transportation - We also provide assistance in finding a shuttle, hiring a car or choosing any other mode of transportation within the city.


Spoken Languages

  • English English
  • Hindu Hindu

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