Reproart Georgian-American Center for Reproductive

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ABOUT Reproart Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine

The ReproART Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine opened in July 2012. The clinic’s key directions include diagnosing and treating all types of infertility, including the advanced use of in vitro fertilization (IVF). ReproART operates in every area of female and male reproductive health. In 2014, the clinic welcomed its branches in Kutaisi and Batumi Georgia.

〰 ReproART’s work style is based on the American model. From the earliest steps taken by patients in our center, the highest standards are scrupulously observed by our retrained physicians and psychologists, and through treatment methods. Decisions at ReproART are made jointly by patients and doctors. Our center does not recognize questionable treatment courses or untried methods.

〰 The Georgian-American Center for Reproductive Medicine - ReproART is led by its founder and director Lika Chkonia, an embryologist with work experience spanning 30 years in this field. Lika Chkonia spent 8 years in the US studying and working. Her professional work is directly tied to the pioneers of In Vitro Fertilization, such as Howard and Georgeanna Jones, Lucinda Veeck (the first embryologist in the US), and Susan Lanzendorf.

〰 Lika is assisted by David McCulloh (PhD/H.C.L.D./C.C), Research Committee Chair at New York University Fertility Center, and the Director of Clinical Science at ReproART. Doctor McCulloh, who has been professionally involved in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) since 1983, has authored numerous academic works, books, and monographs.

ReproART team deserves a lot of credit for developing IVF treatment of infertility in Georgia:

  • In 2004, the first ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) baby was born
  • In 2005, the first blastocyst transfer baby was born
  • In 2007, the first frozen embryo transfer baby was born
  • In 2007, the first surrogacy program baby was born
  • In 2016, the first case of pregnancy after Pre implantation Genetic Screening/Pre implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGS/PGD) was recorded.

〰 Here one does not spend extra money or time, and this model is the very standard upheld by ReproART for over 6 years now. ReproART opted for home instead of the hospital to ensure the patient’s comfort, along with its schedule, admission methods, standards for interacting with doctors, and the environment in general, all of which serve the same goal.

〰 Doctors maintain continuous contact with patients throughout the entire period from In Vitro Fertilization and pregnancy to childbirth.


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