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Reyap Hospital Istanbul started its service in Esenyurt in October 2016 with the aim of providing superior human health service by considering the transportation convenience of domestic and foreign patients. Our hospital is the second health investment after Reyap Health Group's hospital serving in Tekirdag Çorlu.

Our hospital is the result of successfully combination of moden hospitality and hotel concept with our with our hospital's architectural and technological infrastructure, visuality and functionality designed for high-level comfort for our patients and relatives.

Reyap Hospital Istanbul is a training and research hospital with a clear identity to the dynamic and innovations and works together with other domestic, international, public and private institutions and organizations to take part in projects in all fields related to individual and community health services.

Our Missionit is to provide high quality holistic healthcare services with our professional physicians and professional healthcare workers who ground on trust and happiness and give the superior value to patients from all walks of society, with international quality standarts, understanding of ethical medicine, new technological equipment and applications, in appropriate economic conditions.

As a hospital, we aim to be a model in Turkey and an example in the international platform. With our experienced team, modern infrastructure and constantly renewed technological applications, our vision is to provide a high quality equal health services to all of our patients coming from domestic and foreign countries, to provide absolute satisfaction to them and their relatives and to be a trustworthy and respectable organization.

Reyap Hospital Istanbul has also undertaken the task of educating qualified health personnel by not confining itself to giving high quality total health services. It organizes and carries out all stages of comprehensive academic and administrative work such as education, teaching, research, development, implementation, coordination, providing application area, curriculum designation, teaching staff determination and training requirements determination and training in order to train health personnel at all levels.

Istanbul Reyap Hospital, which is in collaboration with Istanbul Rumeli University, was planned and built as a university hospital with health service standards, physical characteristics, medical equipment park and technical equipment.

Our hospital, which has been constructed as 12 floors with a parking lot of 250 vehicles in a closed area of ​​35.000 m2, has easy access to all the services that the patients will receive especially in the outpatient diagnosis and treatment processes with the horizontal building structure.

Our hospital has reached a total capacity of 275 beds with 4 Corner suit CIP, 21 suit VIP, 148 private patient rooms, 77 intensive care beds. A total of 11 operating rooms are equipped with the most advanced devices. In patient rooms covered with anti-bacterial floor and wall upholstery, no articles are fixed on the floor to remove the risk of infection. Patient rooms are 100% conditioned and air conditioned, like the entire hospital, with a fan-coil system fed with fresh air.

As a general hospital, Reyap Hospital provides services in all branches in Istanbul including Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, IVF, Cardiovascular Surgery, Aesthetics, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery as well as Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Urology, Women Diseases and Birth, Child Health and Diseases, Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit, Coronary Intense Care Unit and Newborn Care Unit.

The hospital is equipped with advanced technology imaging devices such as Varian TrueBeam for cancer treatment, PET-CT which can scan cancerous tissue, 3 Tesla MR, 256 section CT, 4D ultrasound, Special Light Filter (Yellow 560) OPMI PENTERO 900 ZEISS surgical microscope and 3D Tomosynthesis Digital mammography.

Reyap Hospital, which creates values ​​and meanings to raise your quality of life, is at your service in Istanbul.

Reyap Hospital Istanbul continues to provide health care services that are superior in quality, equal and economically accessible to them in the direction of universal values of ethics and ethical principles, based on scientific and technological developments of domestic and foreign patients. We aim to provide satisfaction and hospitality for our patients and their relatives in the guest house which will be constructed with the hotel concept in the hospital building and the neighboring area.

Reyap Health Group is aware that qualified health services can only be provided by qualified health personnel and has undertaken the task of educating and training health personnel at every stage.

Reyap Health Group, which is in collaboration with Istanbul Rumeli University, has determined Reyap Hospital Istanbul as an Education and Research Hospital. With the help of expert academic staff, it has been regulating and conducting each of various stages of comprehensive academic and administrative studies such as education, teaching, research, development, implementation, coordination as well as creating curriculum, lecturing, providing a practice field and identifying and meeting educational requirements.

The Reyap Health Group counts days for the medical faculty status in which it will be able to maintain comprehensive education, training and service activities aimed at the training of health personnel working in the fields of protection, development and improvement of human health in all branches of medical science and conducting scientific researches.


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