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Who we are

Türkiye Hospital is located in the center of İstanbul covering 17000 meter square.Türkiye Hospital is unique due to its green scenery where history and nature meets.

The hospital building preserving its historical texture both in structure and function is equipped with latest technology.

With 60 bed capacity,4 operation rooms,modernly equipped laboratory and diagnostic units where all diagnostic and treatment modalities are performed we carry the deserved pride of updated technology and innovative spirit in the health sector.

Our Mission and Vision

Our main goal is patient satisfaction.We are committed to provide international standard health care.We regard patient satisfaction our main principle performing this honourable mission.With full awareness of this ideal,we believe in the necessity of searching excellency.

We try to offer the best and qualified services at affordable conditions.We will always keep in mind that flawless service requires flawless knowledge and advanced technology.

We wish you a healthy life with this dedication and belief.

Our past

The hospital building was granted by Sultan Abdülhamid the second to bulgarian minority at 1894 and was used as bulgarian hospital until 1988.

The historical building was restored to a more functional state preserving its characteristics and started to serve at 22.April 1990 by a ceremony with ex-president Turgut Özal's participation.In a short time Turkiye Hospital took its place amongst leading health institutions in the country and achieved the goal of being 'the address for health’ .

Our responsibilities to the community

We are environmentalist

Türkiye Hospital carries its activities with a responsibility of preserving the environment .Besides our efforts for human health care,environment is protected with utmost meticulousness.This awareness can be observed in our vast garden harboring various trees, plants and a mini-botanical garden.

We integrate with community

We care about informing public in health issues besides our trustworthy services.We publish a two-monthly health magazine named Prescription since 1998 which is circulated complimentarily.

We care about communication

We care to share our knowledge with public.We present our experience to community by all means of communication.


Spoken Languages

  • Türkçe Türkçe
  • English English
  • العربية العربية

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