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About Us

Our hospital, is serving in the health sector with its satisfaction-oriented service understanding in the light of its strong moral values at its easy-to-reach location in the center of Uskudar.

Our hospital with its specialist doctors and staff, who joins their experience and information with close attention, as well as its high quality infrastructure and technical equipment, provides both in-patient and outpatient treatment 7/24.

Nowadays, the need for quality health service has increased, and our hospital gives utmost importance to quality service. Our hospital has the ISO 9001 quality certificate and Baby Friendly Hospital title.

With Our mission to follow the medical innovations in the world, and considering the patient satisfaction as an indispensable prerequisite, we will continue to serve with all our departments for your health and happiness.

Mission - Vision

Our Mission

Private Yunus Emre Hospital serves as a hospital which follows the medical innovations in the world and considers the patient satisfaction as an indispensible prerequisite.

Our Vision

Meeting the expectations of the individuals requiring medical service from us while preserving our ethical values.

Our Values

Patients come the first: To adopt as a principle that Irregardless of the conditions, to have our patients recovered in the shortest time possible is our first priority.

Respect: To respect human beings for that they are human beings and therefore give the necessary care and attention to our patients.

Consistency: To be in unity of righteousness and honesty.

Openness to change: To learn from our and other people's faults and constantly seek the best.

Coordination: To work with the conscious that all our staff from doctors to directors, from nurses to patient services, from caregivers to background personnel directly affect our patients' treatment process.

Social Awareness: To follow and realize social activities regarding human and nature as an institution.

Quality Policy

Private Yunus Emre Hospital; was found appropriate to receive ISO 9001: 2000 in the scope of In-patients and Outpatients Treatment Services after the inspections made by Verification New Zealand Limited on 26 October 2007.

Lastly, our institution acquired the confirmation of meeting ISO 9011:2008 standards concerning its management system after the inspection of ICIEC (International Certification Inspection Education Co. Ltd.) on 05.12.2013.

Quality Management System is being applied at our hospital within this scope, so that all our services are designed to meet the standards of ISO 9001:2000 and current laws and regulations as well as patient needs and expectations. Necessary measures have been taken for the revision of the system in line with the constantly changing conditions and for its constant improvement.

Processes concerning the Quality Management System and its application have been defined, the relationship of the processes with one another and their effectiveness are to be improved by identified principles and methods.

Necessary resources and information have been secured for activities and their monitoring.

Processes are monitored, measured and results are analyzed with the aim of improvement.

Measures are taken for the constant development and protection of the system.

Our Quality Policy

"To serve respecting patient rights by prioritizing the patient satisfaction; and while providing this service, complying with the Quality Management System conditions and working continuously to increase its effects with the active participation of our staff."



CardiologyGeneral Intensive Care

Cardiovascular SurgeryGynecology and Obstetrics

Chest DiseasesIntensive Care

Child Health and DiseasesInternal Medicine


DermatologyNewborn Intensive Care

Ear Nose ThroatNutrition and Dietetics

Eye DiseasesOrthopedics and Traumatology

Family MedicineUrology


Anesthesia and Intensive CareGynecology and Obstetrics

Cardiac SurgeryOrthopedics and Traumatology

Ear, Nose and Throat DiseasesUrology

Eye Diseases


Allergy TestsGastroscopy

BiochemistryHearing Tests

Blood Pressure HolterHSG Film

Bone Density MeasurementMicrobiology

Check-Up ProgramsObstetric Ultrasonography

ColonoscopyPanoramic X-ray

ColposcopyPulmonary Function Test

Computed TomographyRectoscopy

CystoscopyRhythm Holter

Doppler UltrasonographyThe Patologj


Effort ECG4 Dimensional Ultrasonography


EMG - EEGX-ray



Spoken Languages

  • Türkçe Türkçe
  • English English

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