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Message From The Chairman

         Dear our solution partners and guests
         Welcome to our magazine

         As Mediderman, we are proud to have left 3 month behind with many achievements. I would like to share with you a
         summary of our operations this last 11 month as we prepare to welcome future with great excitement.

         We are taking our company’ steps towards Turkey`s 2023 Goals.

         In parallel with the 2023 goals on Turkey, we will work hard for achieving our goals.

         What did we during last months.

         We expand our operating countries with Russian territory. Also, we arranged infrastructure to open offices in Europe
         territory. We are planning to open office in Germany for our second office in Europe.

         At 15 December 2018, we will move our head office to new building which is located on Selenium Retro Tower –
         Atakoy/iSTANBUL. We are excited about the new office.

         Also, we have changed rules of medical tourism in Azerbaijan market. We will be more active with our new office and
         employees in Azerbaijan.

         We have started advertise in Europe and America with our new brand Medicawell.

         For Thalassemia patients, we have been active in Medipol and Medicalpark Hospitals in Turkey.

         Our hospital numbers, we work with reached 400 and our number of agencies reached over 700

         Best of ASCO-Arbil/IRAQ was very successful. We continue our seminars and conferences.

         Northern Iraq political situation affect our operations, but it did not stop us. We brought our patients to Cizre with buses
         and brought them to Istanbul with our caretakers.

         In 2018, we will continue to grow our infrastructure and open new offices in different countries.

         I would like you to know that in new year, we will continue to increase our quality of service.

         I wish new year bring success and health to everyone.

         As Mediderman family, we celebrate your new year.

         Best Regards,
         Ibrahim Balaban
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