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BAEST Clinic, founded by MD Banu AKSOY with the aim of provide all surgical and non-surgical treatments in Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery. In our clinic we have three departments. In skin care unit we practice skin rejuvenation programs such as fillers, toxin injections, peelings, acne- pigmentation treatments, mesotherapies, radiofrequency treatment. In regional slimming unit we have adanced technologies which provide 8-10 cm slimming in one week. Also we have laser epilation unit.

In our clinic firstly the patient evaluated by Dr Banu AKSOY, phisical examination is done, treatment plan is documented. If the patient needs surgery we contact with the hospital and organize all preoperative procedures. If the patient needs non surgical procedure we begin treatment in our clinic. We have well educated, ethic, experienced and friendly team whom help our patients all treatment stages.


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  • Türkçe Türkçe
  • English English

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